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23 Jun
Pure Malt
Well I think We Can Confirm That Summer Is Here!


How bloody hot is it in Paris?! I'm Scottish, we're not used to this heat. As Sir Billy said, we're naturally pale blue skinned. It takes us two weeks in the sun to go white. Still, we'll persevere and try a few different wee things at The Pure Malt to try and relieve the current heatwave.


For summer we've introduced some new bio wines to The Malt and these have been selected for us by our good friends at REDD Wine Bar, Rob and Marketa. We have plumped for a white and rosé from Domaine Mas d´Espanet, Viognier 2016, Languedoc. Both are served nicely chilled and are perfect for these summer days and nights. For our red wine we've gone for Domaine Usseglio Ventoux 2015, Cotes du Rhone and we serve this fruity little beauty at exactly 16°. All our wines can be bought by the glass or by the bottle. The reception in our "rollout" week has been fantastic so why not pop in and try them for yourself.


Now we know you "Frenchies" like to have a wee nibble with your libations so we've got you covered on that front too. We'll soon be rolling out some "planches" for our customers to enjoy. We plan to have some charcuterie and cheese plates and are currently in the process of selecting the products we want to kick off with. Stay tuned for an imminent announcement.


The next three weeks also sees the British and Irish Lions take on the mighty All Blacks in New Zealand. The three tests take place on three consecutive Saturdays - 24th of June, the 1st and 8th of July. We'll be opening up at 9:00AM for the games and, as well as a great selection of craft beers and free "Lions Try Shots", we'll be able to offer hot breakfast sandwiches for sale courtesy of our friends and neighbours at GUSTO. A nice bacon or sausage roll should set you up nicely for the games to come.


Did I hear someone mention games? On a recent trip to London I saw a few bars that provided board games for the customers. I thought this was a cool wee idea so we've followed suit. We now have Connect 4, Jenga, Chess, Drafts, Backgammon and dice for the customers to play in the bar. Let the games commence!


Swing by and say hi. We look forward to seeing you.


Bisous and bosies


Shep x

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